Town of Andrews, NC

Reeling in Joy: New Fishing Pier Hooks Community Spirit

Published on: May 16, 2023 Andrews
Mayor James Reid points out the newly minted, state-of-the-art fishing pier at Dave Bristol Park – a beacon of community resilience and unity.

Our community, known for its love of the angler’s sport, has reached another milestone with the unveiling of a state-of-the-art fishing pier — a destination that promises not just the lure of the big catch, but the creation of memories, community ties, and a steadfast commitment to local ecology.

Eagerly awaited by the local community, the new fishing pier at Dave Bristol Park is now officially open to the public. The rehabilitated pier is a significant step forward in improving public access to trout fishing in Valley River.

The process of building the new pier was meticulous. The project, completed in April, involved skilled craftsmen, engineers, and laborers who worked tirelessly to ensure the construction was top-notch and safe for public use.

Unlike the previous wooden pier, the new structure boasts a sturdy and long-lasting steel railing and concrete ground, ensuring durability, longevity, and making the pier a reliable fishing spot for years to come.

The pier’s rehabilitation was made possible through state funds secured by N.C. Senator Kevin Corbin after talking with local officials about improving recreation in Andrews. Corbin secured $120,000, which fully funded the project, allowing the town to replace the old, decayed wooden pier with a state-of-the-art fishing pier branded with a Wildcats logo.

“We’re always glad to see state funds come to western North Carolina,” Senator Corbin said. “We pay our taxes and it’s good to see that tax money come back to benefit our region.”

The previous pier served the community for many years but had unfortunately succumbed to decay and rot over time. The transformation from the old wooden pier to the new steel and concrete one represents a significant upgrade for the community.

“It’s not just about aesthetic appeal; it’s about providing a safer, more dependable platform for the public to enjoy fishing,” Mayor James Reid said.

Anglers fishing Valley River in Dave Bristol Park will have no problem catching Rainbow Trout.

The fishing pier at Dave Bristol Park is open to the public around the clock. Anyone can enjoy a tranquil morning fishing session or a relaxing evening by the water. Its strategic location, coupled with the prospect of catching Rainbow Trout, offers a rewarding experience for all fishing enthusiasts. Valley River is stocked with Rainbow Trout three times a year by the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission.

“They keep it stocked with native fish that the Cherokee Indians would’ve caught in the 1700s,” Reid said.

The new pier is set to become a hotspot for local and visiting anglers. It symbolizes growth, progress, and a commitment to enhancing public spaces for recreational use.

“The pier is a testament to what can be achieved when the community and its leaders work together towards a common goal,” Reid said.

When was the new fishing pier at Dave Bristol Park completed?

The construction of the new fishing pier was completed in April.

What materials were used in the construction of the new pier?

The new pier is constructed with a steel railing and a concrete ground for enhanced durability and safety.

Who funded the construction of the new pier?

The construction of the new pier was fully funded by $120,000 in state money secured by N.C. Senator Kevin Corbin.

What species of fish are regularly stocked in Valley River?

The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission stocks Rainbow Trout in Valley River three times a year.

When is the fishing pier open to the public?

The fishing pier is open to the public 24 hours a day, allowing for fishing at any time.