News from Town Hall

Jul 12, 2024 | Andrews

A property within city limits that has been a nuisance for “about ten years” was signed over to the Cherokee County Board of Education after officials prepared a nuisance abatement lawsuit that likely would have allowed the government to take possession of the land. “We want that to be an example...Read More 

Apr 19, 2024 | Andrews

Ferebee Park is getting a major makeover!  Thanks to the diligent efforts of the town’s talented grant writer and the generous support of the Community Foundation of Western North Carolina, Andrews has secured a $100,000 grant destined to rejuvenate a favorite local play haven. “I would like to...Read More 

Nov 6, 2023 | Andrews

With several options at hand for the removal of accumulated waste along Valley River, volunteers faced a time-sensitive challenge. The threat of prolonged labor under a sky hazed by nearby forest fires added a layer of urgency to the cleanup efforts. Amidst the backdrop of smoke and the ticking clock,...Read More 

homeless camp
Oct 31, 2023 | Andrews

Hidden from the view of average, everyday travelers lies a threat to the state’s economy. “The beauty of our town and the health of our river are at stake,” Mayor James Reid said during a riverbank tour on October 28. “About four square miles of land need immediate attention.” The tour revealed...Read More 

May 16, 2023 | Andrews

Our community, known for its love of the angler’s sport, has reached another milestone with the unveiling of a state-of-the-art fishing pier — a destination that promises not just the lure of the big catch, but the creation of memories, community ties, and a steadfast commitment to local ecology. Eagerly...Read More 

Attention Please
Jan 13, 2021 | General News

In addition to posting on Facebook, WKRK and the Town of Andrews’ Website ( ), the Town of Andrews used the Cherokee County Emergency Management System to alert residents about the Boil Water Notice yesterday. If you have not signed up for this valuable service, please follow...Read More 

medication dropbox
Apr 17, 2020 | General News

APD has one collection box for unwanted prescription medications available 24/7 @ 1101 Main Street in Andrews Please put prescription pills, patches, and capsules in resealable, zippered plastic bags (no loose pills, please). We cannot accept the following items in the collection boxes: Liquids Over-the-counter...Read More 